Last year, I tried cooking only within the quarantine. I was never a fan of cooking, but as we all know, the lockdown forced us to discover our secret talents. I really enjoyed cooking dishes like cake,pasta,enchiladas,etc.


I realized cooking can be immediately satisfying — a grand celebration of flavor or it can immediately transform into a life lesson, holding you grounded with plenty of chances to think about failure, imperfection, acceptance, perseverance, sorrow, willingness, and eventually a basic grace that leaves you with an option to either throw in the dishtowel or try, try again.


I didn’t know what I wanted to do a lot of the time, so I tried to be in touch with what I was starving for and then learn how to cook it. Even if it was just two or three things, it felt liberating to know that I could relax in that way.”


After a few dishes, I became exhausted because it was difficult to stand in such a hot place, and I considered giving up, but then I realized, why not try making simpler and smaller dishes? I experimented with making pasta, pizza, and a variety of other dishes.


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