For my CAS experience, I participated in Hindi language day where we took an initiative to plan different activities for grades 11 and 12. For the event, we were divided into different groups and we were assigned different activities to conduct. Me and my group were assigned to make students play and get involved in the activities. We planned on making them play games like Kahoot, riddles, hangman, Pictionary, etc. Before the event we had to design an entire plan and organize everything and present the final plan to our teachers and all of this was done to celebrate hindi bhasha divas.

LO1- During this time I got to know a lot about my weaknesses and strengths. And by participating in this event I got a chance to improve on my weaknesses. The weakness that I identified was that I am usually nervous and have stage fright. And also communication. By participating in the event I got to work upon my communication skills and overcome my stage fright. As I conducted the event in front of 80 people.

LO 2- During this event we were responsible for organizing everything and keeping everyone involved in the activity. The challenge that I faced was handling so many people and making them keep interested in the activity at the same time. The other challenge was that as the event was online it was difficult for us to manage the entire event and keep everyone engaged. Due to this challenge I was able to improve upon my time management skills and thinking skills as I had to use my critical thinking skill to think how I can keep them engaged and time management as I had other school assignments and tests coming so I had to manage my time and efficiently focus on both.

LO 3- The entire event was organized by me and my colleagues and we had to plan the entire event. So we had to make a plan and present it to our teachers how we will conduct the entire event in an organized way and smoothly. I personally am not an organized person so it was hard for me during the start as things were getting jumbled up and the plan was not clear but working with my friends helped me host an organized event. The planning part was more difficult than the initiating plan as the start-up idea was clear with everyone but during the planning stage we had to work in a group and we had conflict of ideas and other obstructions which made it more difficult. It is important to learn how to plan and initiate activities so that in the future I as a person can become more organized.

LO 4- I had to commit to attending all the meetings and planning sessions where it got difficult for me as I already had committed but at the same time I also had other important school tasks to take care of. It made me feel a little stressed but knowing my priorities and managing my time I was able to stay on my commitments and focus on both things. To complete this event I had to commit to attending all the meetings and planning activities, discuss the flow of events, organize and convince teachers for the event, and such other important tasks. I believe that it is easy for me to commit to things but a little hard to stay on it afterward. But because of this experience, I got a chance to stay committed to the commitments I made.

LO 5- we planned and organized the entire event collaboratively with my  3 colleagues. In total there were 20 organizers but we were divided into groups of 4 and each group was planning on different activities to conduct. First we all 20 people decided together what activities we want to plan and how we want to conduct the activity and afterward we divided ourselves into groups. Usually working with others is easy for me as I get other people‚Äôs opinions and can improve on myself based on their suggestions. I believe that working together is important as it helps me to organize the event better, and it never hurts to get more set of mind.

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