Vistosa festival was an event organized by some of my colleagues from my grade. The event was like a fair where there were food stalls, clothing stalls, accessories and etc The festival was held on 6th and 7th march of 2021, and we had around 600 visitors on each day. The purpose of this event was to gather funds to donate. 100% of the profit earned was donated to disable welfare trust of India, founded by Kanubhai Tailor. I helped my colleagues in organizing the event and helping them with the necessary decorations and setup for the event.

LO 4- during this experience it was important for me to stay committed and persevere throughout the time. The motivation to provide a great experience to the audience also helped us to stay committed and stay on track. The thing that made it difficult for us was that it was hard to convince the municipal corporation to let us host the event and even after they allowed us we also had to make sure to take special measures to prevent the spread of the covid-19 virus. The type of commitment that was required from each one of us was to complete the tasks given to us on time, advertise on different platforms, gather sponsors and look for venues. Showing commitment and perseverance was important for us to reach our goal. If we would not have stayed committed then there would have been many things that would have stayed incomplete and which would have affected the experience of the visitors.

LO 5- In such big events it is important for us to work collaboratively and in synergy. Working together in groups is usually easy for me. This is because I am open-minded and I like to listen to other people’s thoughts and opinions and increase my knowledge. Working in groups always means that there is more scope for improvement. During this event I mostly had to only help them with the work and not the decision making so I was open to every option and even during the meetings we were almost on the same page. Working collaboratively helps you to expand your scope of knowledge and helps you understand other people’s point of view which is important. For this experience teamwork was important as we knew we were hosting a big event and by working together we can think of better options to make this event more successful.

Lo 6- The sole purpose of this event was to spread awareness and help the people in need. Our main aim was to focus on quality education. Education is one of the most important aspects of your life. You need proper education no matter what and we wanted to provide that to people who can’t afford it. Hence we donated the funds gathered to disable the welfare trust of India as one of their main priorities is to provide education to disabled people who can’t afford it. Giving them the right education will help them to achieve their dreams. 

LO 7- while planning and holding the event one of the major ethical issues we faced was the situation of the world due to the global pandemic. Covid 19 cases were increasing during that period. We weren’t sure if we should still keep the event or not. But after discussing we thought of keeping the event. We made sure to follow all the protocols by the government and try to minimize the spread of the virus. The state government gave us permission to hold the event with a maximum of 600 guests. On the last day of the event, there was a lot of rush and the maximum capacity was reached within 1 hour of the event. So we had to close the entries and get back in control. Overall we tried our best to follow all the rules and regulations and make our guests have a great time which I think we were successful in doing.

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