My friends and I planned on a beach clean. We decided to go to dumas beach and clean the garbage on the beach. The aim of this experience was to more importantly let people know at the beach why they should not pollute the beach and keep it clean. While cleaning the beach we saw how careless people were as even though they saw us cleaning it they were still throwing trash on the beach. The final aim for us was to clean the beach and keep the environment clean, we also installed trash cans on the beach.

LO 2- The challenges that I faced during this experience were that whenever we went to the beach while picking up trash I could not handle the smell even though we wore masks, and also trying to convince people not to pollute was a challenge. but as we had made a commitment to take care of this and complete it the smell and other factors didn’t affect that much. The major challenge was that we were temporarily able to clean the beach but we knew that we could not change other people’s behavior and we knew that once we clean it will again be the way it used to be. Cleaning the beach was a temporary solution to the main problem, while to remove the main problem which was causing this we talked to people over there and tried to share the problem and spread awareness on the issue. I demonstrated teamwork skills as we worked in a team and together we took the initiative to clean the beach and spread awareness for the same in order to overcome the challenge.

LO 5- during this entire experience we were a group of friends who took this initiative. We were a lot of people but we divided ourselves into groups of three so that we can clean more in less time and also because of the protocols for covid-19.  During this time we all were well prepared as we knew before the activity what we were going to do and we had discussed it prior to the activity. By working in groups we were able to work more efficiently and on an indivisible basis, we were able to enhance our communication skills and learn how to cooperate with our colleagues. We all were responsible and performed the activity with sincerity and determination.

LO 6- The waste on the beach has a lot of bigger significance on our environment. Littering on the beach has many other impacts on our environment. The waste we throw usually ends up in the ocean and the plastic and other trash harms marine life and damages biodiversity. With that it also causes pollution. Being a citizen of this world looking at this worries me and in school, I understand the importance of biodiversity and why it is important to preserve our environment. By harming the ecosystems we hamper a lot of other things which are essential for the survival of all living creatures. Cleaning the beach also made people at the beach think about it and understand why it is wrong, which hopefully can change them for the betterment.

LO 7- while doing this experience I realized that the biggest ethical issue tied with this is that was it right to travel and be in groups while there was a global pandemic. Even though things were in control by then there was still risk attached to it. This made me think if  it was correct for me to go to the beach and risk myself, my family, and my friends. But after thinking I thought of going and during the experience, me and my friends made sure we wore our face masks all the time and tried to ensure social distancing as much as we could.

Finally, I think that being a citizen of this world and community it was my responsibility to take up this initiative and make my community aware of the wrongdoing done by us and how it impacts us and the world. The learner profile that I demonstrated was caring and communicators. I demonstrated caring as I cared about our environment and the people around me. I took up this initiative and did the best I could. I also communicated with the people around there and tried to make them realize how this is harming us. I got to know that there are so many different ways we can convey our messages and how being a responsible citizen what I did benefited me and my environment.

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