I participated in a business management club that was organized by my colleagues in my grade. I joined the club to gain better knowledge about business and the recent global news and information regarding business. The main aim for the business club was to get to know about the business world and discuss new topics and share your opinions and knowledge.The club meetings were held online where we discussed a certain topic related to business and shared our ideas with other members of the club. It gave me an idea on how business has different set of views and how in real life people look and manage business in different ways, each one correct in it’s own way

LO 1- During the start of the business club I thought that I had a very strong knowledge of the topics and that I did not have any weaknesses but as the sessions passed and more knowledge and ideas were shared I started to realize how much I really don’t know and was able to identify my weaknesses. My strengths that I already knew about was staying updated on business news and having knowledge about the business world. But as time passed the weaknesses that I identified were communication skills and critical thinking skills as I was not able to convey my message in the way I wanted to and also when other members shared their points it was hard for me to analyze them. After some sessions I became more confident and was able to understand and evaluate other members’ points which helped me become more interested.

LO 5- Throughout my time in the club we often had activities and discussions which were done in groups and group discussions helped me widen my scope of knowledge and I as well was able to share my ideas. As I already had prior knowledge about the topics which were usually discussed I was more confident while discussing in groups and it was easy for me to work in groups as I was getting more knowledge and was able to share it at the same time.

The skill I developed during this experience was communication skill and the learner profile I developed was knowledgeable. This experience helped me to become more confident while talking in a group and helped me learn how to demonstrate your ideas in the correct way and communicate with your peers. During this time I was able to share my knowledge on business and also learned things which I didn’t know about business through the discussions done with the members.

topics chosen and planning before the meeting

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