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Being the first MYP batch and having experienced the pressure one can go through while switching from PYP to MYP, me and my friend wanted to simplify the transition for upcoming MYP students. Therefore, we created a program called Switch To MYP, where people came and could learn more about the basics of MYP, and what different it has to offer as compared to PYP. Since Grade 7 was the first time we gave exams, we also gave the students some exam tips on how to score better, using command terms, formats of answers etc. Here is us having sessions over video conferencing:

We made guided presentations, which helped carry out the session in a more organized manner. The link to the prezi can be found below: https://prezi.com/rdvup6vf6rzm/

Here are some screenshots of the presentation:

Components of CAS:

  • Creativity: Designing the schedule and creating this presentation involved a lot of creative and critical thinking.
  • Service: Our sessions acted as a lubricant for new MYP students, which is in accordance with feedback received from them.

Learning Outcomes of CAS:

  • I could identify my strength of fluency and communication, but have to work on time-management and self-management skills.
  • New challenges included doubt-clearing, repeating the same curriculum, and also making sure that the syllabus gets over in time.
  • Me and my friend planned this together, and we started this with two students, which then grew to a total of 12 students.
  • We had weekly sessions, and we had to complete our presentation and planning of the next session in that period of time, which showed our perseverance.
  • My friend designed a skeletal of the syllabus, while I made presentations of the sessions. There were times when either of us weren’t available for the session, so the other covered up for him.

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