Football Tournament

I am really passionate about football and love the sport. I have been playing football for the last 8 years and I feel I am great at it. I have played most of the school tournaments there have been. Such as inter school, state level and also international. I had the habit of playing football at least twice every week but due to the pandemic it was not possible. I was not able to play football with my team and all the tournaments were cancelled. Once things started getting better there was a football tournament being hosted. As soon as I heard this I registered for it and talked to my teammate about this and made a team myself.

LO 1- Before the tournament I knew that I did not have practise for a long time and was not sure if I was at the top of my game or not. To identify my strengths and weaknesses, out team had practice sessions and after 4-5 sessions I realized that I need to practice more on my passing whereas I was still strong in my shooting and dribbling. After realizing my strengths and weaknesses I felt like this will help me a lot as now I can focus only on my weaknesses and according to that I can consider which position to play. Identifying my weaknesses helped me to get in better form and have a better chance at winning the tournament.

LO 2- During this experience one of the most challenging things was to make a team. The pandemic was still going on so it was hard to convince some of the players’ parents. I convinced some of the parents to let their child come but I did not force parent’s who were not at all comfortable with it. The other challenge was that I did not have enough practise and the same was with the entire team. This challenge occurred because of the pandemic. Usually we used to practice every week and were in position to play any tournament but because of the pandemic most of the players and I did not get enough practice and were not in good form. I overcame this challenge by organizing practice sessions every alternate day 10 days before the tournament. This helped us to gain our form back and I had been going to the gym from before so that helped me stay fit. During this experience I developed my leadership skills. I brought together the entire team, scheduled practice sessions and registered for the tournament. Taking up such responsibility helped me develop my leadership skills. I glad I took up this challenge as now I can get back in my form and stay fit and with this I also developed my leadership skills.

LO 5- Football is one of the games where you can’t do anything individually. It is a team game and you need to play it with your team.I have been playing football for a long time so it’s easy for me to coordinate with others. But because of lack of practice it was a little hard to find the chemistry between me and other players. In the first few practice sessions it was hard to coordinate with my teammates as I did not have enough practise and so didn’t they, But in the last few practice sessions my coordination was back with my teammates. You can’t win any team sport or activity alone; you need the support of your teammates or partners. Being able to work collaboratively in this sport will help me in the future to work together in my career.

During this experience the learner profile that I developed was balanced. One of the reasons I participated in this tournament was because I did not do any physical activity for a long time and participating in this tournament would help me stay active and make my lifestyle balanced. We won the tournament so it’s obvious it was a success for me but aside from that what I really succeeded in was, getting back in form and start playing football more and make my lifestyle balanced which I did since then.


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