CAS Profile

My name is Aakash Khemka, born in and raised in Delhi, I shifted to Surat at the age of 10 (almost 11). I have attended Fountainhead School since I was in grade 6 and have spent my middle school and High School years here . I love all kinds of sports and try to learn as many as i can, sports brings me peace both in practice and as a fan. I love to learn new skills such as computer hardware, Music Production, and anything and everything that sparks my interest i try to learn whether it be as a basic level or trying to attain mastery. Learning new sports, intruments, hardware abilites or even academic skills is my goal everyday. I love to spend quality time with my family and friends and i would say im a people person and am slightly selfless in that regard but i make sure my voice is heard.

Spreading awareness about Covid-19 and spreading masks

Spreading awareness about Covid-19 and spreading masks  While the conditions worsened in India and covid started affecting more and more people, we were privileged enough to take precautions and take necessary steps to protect ourselves but while we realized not everyone had such luxury and as Poverty rose in India and more and more people […]