start-up! (beaded jewelry page)

creativity, activity, service

getting bored in lockdown and having nothing to do, i started learning, practicing and experimenting beaded jewelry from by aunt at home, later once i was done learning i thought of opening up a page to provide services and earn a profit out of it. therefore i opened-up a instagram page named thread.let where-in i started making and selling fine handcrafted beaded jewelry at a very reasonable rate.

Learning outcome 2: the most challenging part i felt was the customer demand pressure for new things on a frequent bases. i felt this was challenging because me being a school student i had to balance out my school assignments, deadlines and test with the on going increasing interest on the page. it took me a while to get a hold of it because i have never done anything similar. i overcame this by scheduling my tasks, like shorting the new collection launches to alternative weekends. i feel productive by undertaking this responsibility as i wisely used my leisure time to earn a profitable outcome, and also developed a sense of responsibility.

Learning outcome 3: i used a planner and schedule to keep myself on track, marked my upcoming task in advance and try completing the other task before the task clashing. i am most an organized person but through this experience i have learnt to keep my work apart. so as i scaled down to launching on alternative weekends i have to start planning 1 weeks prior, the product, material, photoshoot and names has to be done 2 days before the launch or else it will be a chaos, therefore the initiating was harder then planning, because initiating has to go according to the planning that has been done.

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