Donating necessary things to underprivileged kids. (deaf and dumb hostel)

After the harsh period of lockdown the school that majority runs on charity had not way to provide their children with basic necessity thus i though the money that i raised from the marathon and cyclothon, percentage of that amount i also invested in buying the necessary items for the hotel, as they were in desperate need after the lockdown and had no funds left to buy them thus i willing purchased all the basic items and donated them to the school.

LO – 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

LO3- As the school did not have much fund, my friend and I agreed to invest a part of the our money not only in children’s education but also in their well-being as it will also help them focus better and keep them healthy. as we visited the place we were shown around and observed that the basic items such as brackets and toiletries were in a very limited amount and the also directed us the issue directly.

LO4- it’s easy to say but difficult to do. I had decided to give basic toiletries, but first I needed to discuss it with my parents, and once confirmed it with the person in charge at the school and figure i need to place order for, order all the stuff in bulk. it necessitated ongoing dedication and determination.

LO5- giving away of all the items and arranging them was difficult. therefore i took some help of my friends in this and as it was a donation there were a lot of people I had to communicate with and collaborate with.

LO6- As a result of covid, one of the world’s most serious challenges today is good health and well-being. Through this project, we engaged with global issues by assisting the underprivileged. Interacting with these children who lack access to basic sanitation and resources, as well as distributing all buckets of toiletries and napkins to them, was one step toward eradicating ill-health and well-being.

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