planting my own garden.

I will pick up planting drive, where in i will grow and take care of the plants, for this process i will be used the area behind my house. through this i will learned to take up responsibility. I also accomplished giving back to nature and during this process i also learned how the process really happens from scratch, where in i clean up the land (due to the rains there is unnecessary growth of grass in the whole area), water every alternative day, and clean them up every weekend. Once it grew i took them out and again extracted seeds out of them. This process was really engaging and indusing for a person who really enjoys planting but at the same time very tiring.


While starting the plantation, I discovered my weakness, which was that I lacked any background knowledge or prior knowledge about plants and plantations. I could have done anything wrong without even realising it. I did put in a lot of effort to improve my weakness. I went to farms on a daily basis and sat there learning about things from my friends and family. Before plantation, I saw what I’d have to work with, how I’d work, and a variety of other things. After all of this, I was very confident because I only had one identified weakness, which I have now worked on. Knowing my weaknesses helped me a lot because I was able to work on them and overcome them.


remembering, to go there every alternate day, because due to daily classes and work to submit most of the after day would go into that and then it will be dark and i would able to back there. i have not anything similar to this before. I made a planner and highlighted the days i need to go back and put a reminder at the specific time. i feel great because i successfully completed the task. i thought that through this task i would be more vigilant enough in taking up responsibility. yes, i obviously learnt the way vegetable are grown (its is a very lengthy process).


The world was on lockdown while I planned the entire Panatation, and I was also taking online classes at the same time. So I had to schedule a time when I would be available to work on my plantation. I made a schedule and allotted an hour in the afternoon for plantation because that is the best time for plantation because we do not water our plants in the evening. During Lockdown, I kept a schedule and was a very organised person because I had time to do things and knew I’d have a lot to do in DP. Instead, I come from a farming family and i have lands behind my house on which we grow crops. Then I considered the plants that are easy and grow quickly. Also, I’m glad I planned and initiated this action.


The most difficult part of the activity was the cleaning up and making sections as it was a lot of hard work, as i did not really enjoy it due a greater land area. The primary commitments were to keep the land area clean for the plants to grow, so due to heavy rain there were extra plant that grew in between the rows, which have to be chopped of frequently. I believe that being persistent and setting commitment are important for focus and never lose track, also for constant growth rate.


With plantation, I can improve air quality because it is crop burning season, and I also consider it a small initiative to reduce global warming. I know it’s not much at this stage of plantation, but after a year or so, they’ll be more than useful, and I estimate that if everyone plants one-tenth of my plants, we’ll be able to plant 78 billion plants, which will be more than enough to make the world a better place.


I believe I made the correct decision to do Plantation during Lockdown because I was free and able to fully care for them, and CO2 levels continue to rise. Also, it was crop burning season in less than a month, and I believe my plantation could be more beneficial than nothing.

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